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Landslides and Flooding cuases destruction across Luzon as a result of Typhoon Muifa/Kabayan

As Typhoon Muifa/ Kabayan moves across Okinawa and in to China the Philippines have also been effect tremendously by the storm. Outer rain bands enhanced by the SW Monsoon have brought heavy rains to Luzon in the last several days with up to five deaths being reported including two young ladies caused by a landslide in the Bohol province. This grave news comes in the wake of Juaning that killed 57 people in the country last week.

These reports continue to show how the region has taken blow after blow of heavy rainfall from tropical systems and now how a Typhoon over 500km away can bring death to the country. With Typhoon season not at its peak yet either this season could very well get even worst.
Below are some images from the TRMM Satellite showing the threat of landslides over the Philippines with a large area of Luzon in Red, this due to the instability of the soil in the region combined with the heavy rainfalls while the second image below shows world wide rain accumulation over the past week, noting some of the highest amounts in the world taking place over Luzon. A few other areas are high to note for example in India heavy rainfall from the South West Monsoon in that region, yet this is typical for this time of year.

Typhoon Muifa Storm Footage and Update / 13 UTC 04 AUG 2011

Typhoon 11W continues to bear down on Okinawa this evening with current winds as of 12UTC being reported above 50kts. The closest approach of the system is expected to occur tomorrow morning (the 5th) with sustained winds on the island expected to be between 80-90kts as the eye passes just south of the island. This as many people know is the worst possible approach of the storm as this puts Okinawa in the right front quadrant of Typhoon Muifa. If unaware of why this is dangerous when showing winds of a system you also taking in account the forward motion of the storm. Adding these together gives the right front quadrant high winds than the left would see. Also this side is where the water ahead of the storm is being pushed by the forward momentum of the winds. Thus producing a storm surge.

Below is the radar imagery showing a very well developed eye wall, do noting the highest winds are expected within the inner eyewall, yet localized fast moving tornadoes continue to be a threat in the outer rain bands.

Typhoonfurys James Reynolds is currently in Haha and shot the footage below earlier today showing some large wave action ahead of the Typhoon. The high swells indicated in this footage is a clear indication of the storm to come overnight.

This video uploaded by Fenderchic from Kadena on Youtube as well.

The current track of Muifa is clear and apparent that it will track south of Okinawa before entering the east china sea. From here the model consensus has become more in agreement with a likely landfall along the East Coast of China near Shanghai. The mere density of the largest city in the world could be catastrophic if a system with winds above 100kts makes landfall here in the coming days.

Given the trough moving over Korea today just north of Muifa a slight pull to the North after passing Okinawa seems logical giving the city a lesser blow than what a few of the models are indicating.

Please continue to watch for video updates from Pat with on the island coverage from wxcaster Brian. Also I will be posting another update on the effects of Muifa as far south as the Philippines where up to 5 people have died in the recent days due to flooding and mudslides.

09 UTC August 4, 2011 Typhoon Muifa | TS Merbok Video Update

Typhoon Muifa (Bagyong Kabayan) is now battering Okinawa and the surrounding islands. Winds have now increased to 50-60kph with gusts of as high as 100kph. Rainbands with rates of 10-20mm/hr are also beginning to affect the area. Muifa was last located approximately 210km south southeast of Okinawa and is moving westward at 10kph.

These conditions will last throughout the night and will PEAK by Friday morning, around 8am Japan Time. By then, expect typhoon-force winds of as high as 120kph gusting to 160kph. Rain will also remain to be a threat for the next 12 hours. Expect rainfall amounts of 100-200mm by the time this is all said and done.

If you have any pics or videos or observations from Okinawa, feel free to share it with us. Just message me here on YT or email us! But if you do try to take pics, please do so safely!

Please watch the video for more details as well as the latest update on Tropical Storm Merbok.

-WxCaster PAT

01 UTC August 04, 2011 Typhoon Muifa Update

Typhoon Muifa (Bagyong Kabayan) is now nearing the prefecture of Okinawa. It was last located approximately 250km southeast from Naha. Maximum sustained winds have decreased to 195kph gusting to 220kph. Muifa is moving north of westward at 15kph.

Muifa has weakened down to a Category 2 typhoon as it struggled to complete the Eyewall Replacement Cycle (EWRC). Nevertheless, Muifa is still a strong typhoon that must not be taken lightly.

Latest wind reports from JMA indicate the strongest winds of around 70kph are still in Daitojima, approximately 200km southwest from Muifa’s center. Minam-daito also reported a maximum gust of around 140kph a few hours ago, since then pressure has been steadily rising in the area. Meanwhile, Okinawa is now beginning to report tropical storm-force gusts and sustained winds of 50 to 60kph. Pressure is also dropping now in that area.

The radar from JMA has also picked up the eye already with the outer rain bands now moving into Okinawa. This will bring light to moderate rain with rates of around 10-20mm/hr. Rain will also continue for Daito-jima as the backside moves across.

For JMA Radar, please click HERE

Please stay safe out there and if you have any observations to report, please do so because they are very helpful with our updates here.

-WxCaster PAT