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09 UTC August 05, 2011 Typhoon Muifa and TS Merbok Video Update

Latest update for Typhoon Muifa (Formerly Bagyong Kabayan) and Tropical Storm Merbok.

Muifa is still within 80km south of Okinawa. Stations continue to report sustained winds of 60-90kph with occasional gusts of 140-160kph. Furthermore, rainfall rates of 10-20mm/hr continue to fall all across the island. Naha has reported 120mm so far while some places in Northern Okinawa reporting amounts of as high as 200mm.

Good news is that pressure readings from Naha and Kadena have begun to rise-a sign that the eye may be moving away from the island. However, the other half of the storm will still affect the island for a good 12 more hours. Rainfall amounts could reach up to 300 to 400mm by Saturday. Typhoon-force winds will also continue for at least 6 more hours before weakening to tropical storm-strength.

Please watch our video here for the latest details on Muifa and Merbok, as well as the monsoon in the Philippines.

For the RADAR image by JMA, please click HERE

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