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Typhoon Muifa cuased wide spread flooding and damage across Okinawa Yesterday, Click here for Footage and a forecast of what is to come. 06 AUG 2011 13Z

Typhoon Muifa passed Okinawa today bringing winds above Tropical storm strength for nearly 48hrs straight, the slow movement of this storm also brought an intense amount of rainfall across much of the island as seen on the TRMM satellite shot shown at the bottom of this update.

Current forecast as shown from JMA (Japan Meteorological Agency) above has the storm increase yet again due to a increase in SST over the east china sea, (SST chart found at the tropical charts page), then rapidly weaken due to increased vertical wind shear associated with the westerlies and the polar front jet now located over NE China, combined with exceptionally lower SST’s in the Yellow Sea. With the current track there is a strong possibility of Shanghai getting an abundant amount of rainfall and gale force winds with the storm, yet no where compared to the effects of Okinawa.

Below is some footage shot from Typhoonfury.coms James Reynolds during the storm, as the winds look high and damage is currently being assessed as widespread there has been no reports of any deaths from this system, this is welcomed and good news and hopefully it does not change through the day.

Please continue to stop by for Pats video updates & WXCaster Brian’s continued updates from Okinawa. Also I will have continued text updates. Lastly if you want to contribute to please let me know and we will look at adding you to this growing website.

Meteorologist Robert Speta

13 UTC 6 Aug Okinawa Update

SO the marathon of a storm is over!  What started at about noon on thursday going through noon on Saturday which included 41 inches of rain lot of flooding with the highest gust of 93 mph.  A storm that provided over 19 inches of rain in a 9 hour period.  And if you are not sick of the rain yet the next few days calls for rain as well.  With the 41 Inches of rain that puts us over 90 inches of rain and we are only in the first week on August. Keeps it up I think we should all invest in boats.  Ok kidding aside  Hopefully you guys stayed safe and don’t have too much damage.  The Okinawa Expressway is still closed and various parts around the bases are still hazardous as the excerpt from AFN below:

Please take note of the following areas. Avoid them and stay safe!

Camp Foster – Downed powerline near residence 4083 on Plaza Housing. Dirt slide onto the sidewalk near the Spot Gate (Gate 4) on Camp Foster.

MCAS Futenma – Downed powerlines. Maintenance crews are on scene.

Camp Schwab – Overturned gas pump near The Exchange gas station. Maintenance crews are on scene.

Camp Hansen – Downed powerlines near the following buildings: Bldgs 2443 & 2444; Bldgs 2447 & 2448. Maintenance crews are on scene.

O’Donnel Gardens Housing on Camp Sheilds – Aviod underpass between North and South housing areas due to flooding. The alternate gate for the North side residence is open.

Remain alert out there and stay safe!


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WxCaster Brian



0930 UTC Typhoon Muifa and Merbok Video Update

Latest video update, enjoy!

If you have any pics or videos on storm damages there in Okinawa, feel free to share it with us!

-WxCaster PAT