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Muifa continues to move North after bringing record rains in Okinawa while a new Invest develops North East of Palua

Now Tropical Storm Muifa continues to move north through the Yellow Sea this morning, it is expected to make landfall this evening the 8th along the Northern Coast of North Korea near the China border as a weak tropical storm as much of the intensity has been lost due to dry air inflow coming in off of the continent combined with much cooler sea temperatures. This has cut off most of the energy for the system thus causing the rapid decrease in intensity.

Good news reported out of Okinawa though, while there has been widespread damage reported there have been no reports of deaths out of the island. This is great news after news of record breaking rains in Motobu, Okinawa where over 600mm of rainfall fell. The slow movement of the system across the island makes this not to surprising as sustained tropical storm force winds and rainfall fell over the region for a continuous two straight days before finally letting up on the morning of the 7th.

While this storm heads off towards Korea and the fish storm Merbok moves in to the northern pacific, another invest area is forming up just north east of Palua and west of Guam. Even though this area does have a good circulation and moist air around it; it is sitting within an area of moderate wind shear. Also if it did develop it would move north towards a area of cooler sea surface temperatures produced by the upwelling in the wake of Muifa.

None the less this region deserves watching and we will continue to keep a eye on it here at

0930 UTC August 7, 2011 TS Muifa and TY Merbok Video Update

Latest video update for Tropical Storm Muifa and Typhoon Merbok.

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