Archive | August 26, 2011

Several Agencies warning on Typhoon Nanmadol/Mina

Below is a quick look across the western pacific at the various agencies warning on Typhoon Nanmabol / Mina.  Not much of an update but a great visual aid.

0830 UTC August 26, 2011 STY Nanmadol and TS Talas Video Update

Here is our latest complete tropical update with in depth analysis of Super Typhoon Nanmadol (Bagyong Mina) just east of Luzon and Tropical Storm Talas. Forecasts from agencies and computer models are also included.

Just a quick mention on prospects regarding Nanmadol. Latest forecasts tracks have shifted westward and now takes Nanmadol just east of Taiwan. This could weaken our typhoon a little bit. The direct cyclone interaction that we have mentioned earlier this week might have less significance now that the distance between Nanmadol and Talas has increased substantially. Long term forecasts still predicting a turn to the northeast. As for now, I would say that Areas from N. Luzon to Taiwan, to Miyako, to Okinawa, and all the way to Kyushu, need to watch and carefully monitor Nanmadol. Hopefully by tomorrow we will have a clearer picture regarding the track so please stay tuned!

The same can be said for Talas. It is still intensifying and computer models still diverge a lot in the 3 to 5 day time frame so still a lot of uncertainty. The possible areas that CAN (not saying will) be affected will be the southern and eastern sections of Honshu near the Kanto Region. This is just my preliminary call so it can and WILL change depending on the developments. For all we know, Nanmadol and Talas might still influence each other; only time will tell.

-WxCaster PAT