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2330 UTC August 31, 2011 (September 01, 2011 Japan Time) Typhoon Talas Update

Typhoon Talas was last located approximately 950km southwest of Tokyo or about 700km south southeast of the island of Shikoku. Maximum sustained winds remain at 120kph gusting to 150kph. Talas is moving west northwestward at 10kph.

Latest IR image indicates that convection is now blowing up all around the center with the coldest of cloud tops showing up in the northern half. Conditions remain favorable up to landfall with weak wind shear and warm sea temperatures. An upper-level low near the system, however, has been inhibiting convection for days now. Most models and agencies still think Talas will strengthen a little more before making landfall.


Computer models are starting to come into agreement with Talas’ track. The consensus now takes Typhoon Talas towards either the island of Shikoku or towards western Kii Peninsula as early as Friday noon (Japan Time). We still have to resolve the timing and strength differences; we should have a better idea on those aspects by tomorrow. Talas will the track across Honshu, passing through the regions of Chugoku and Kinki. Talas should exit to the Sea of Japan by Saturday and will begin extra tropical transition afterwards.

JTWC Forecast

JMA Forecast

Rob will hopefully put up a video today so please stay tuned!

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Typhoon Nanmadol Hits Taiwan – Raw News Footage

Raw Footage from Storm Chaser and Videographer James Reynolds  in Taiwan during Typhoon Nanmadol


Typhoon Talas Moves Towards the Japanese Coast / 31 AUG Video Update


Typhoon Talas continues to track north towards Japan today, bringing the potential of high winds and heavy rainfall across the country.