Archive | September 2, 2011

03 Sep 2011 Morning Update / Severe Tropical Storm Talas moving over Japan & a new Tropical Depression

Severe Tropical Storm Talas has moved over Japan today bringing over 200-300mm of rainfall to areas of Shikoku and South Eastern Honshu. While a Tropical Depression has formed north east of Guam bringing the the possiblity of a new typhoon this week.



Severe Tropical Storm Talas Landfall Update / 1700JST 02 SEP 2011 Landfall at Shikoku

A afternoon update on the 2nd of September as Talas makes landfall over the island of Shikoku brining flooding rainfall and a high chance of mudslides along the eastern side of the Japanese Alps.

Typhoon Talas Landfall in SE Japan / 02 Sep 2011 Video Update


Typhoon Talas is forecasted to make landfall this evening in southern Japan bringing the potentiol to flooding to south eastern Japan.