Archive | September 10, 2011

10 Sept 22 UTC Okinawa Update

Good Morning Okinawa!  Sunday Morning and it is looking beautiful outside.  Weather looks like will be change alot though this week.  A TCFA has just been issued for 91W.







SO we shall start off with the weekly weather..this week Sunday into Monday morning we have a chance of isolated shower then by Monday the winds start picking up and that will last atleast through Thursday Winds will be about 20-35 mph and showers are in the forecast for Tuesday with Rain on Thursday..Wednesday looks like the only day were rain is not forecasted.

Now.  On to 91W.  The models have this one coming to Okinawa..not once..but twice!

Here is the model for the 15th..







And looks to be headed towards china but then loops around and here is the 20th..







So as always we will be keeping a good eye on this one and keep you updated….for now have a great rest of the weekend!


-WxCaster Brian


10 SEP 2011 / Invest 91W & 93W Western Pacific and Australia Weather Video


Several invest continue to bring the potentiol for development in the western pacific today, also a look in to the Indian Ocean and Australian Weather