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Typhoon Nesat brings high winds to Hong Kong causing 2 severe injures

Typhoon Nesat passed ~500km south of Hong Kong today bringing winds in excess of 160km at times in higher elevations across the City.  This caused damage across the city and several injures including a Taxi Driver and passenger that was severely injured to collapsing bamboo scaffolding in the city. Also over 200 trees were knocked over the city with reports minor damage in many areas caused by flying debris.  Heavy rainfall also fell across the City with 53mm of Rainfall occurring at Hong Kong International over the past 24hrs. Below is a video shot by Typhoon Hunter James Reynolds of the high winds in Victoria Harbor looking across to Hong Kong Island.

Ferry Boats to Macau was also halted due the high winds causing people to be stranded and commerce slowing across the Metro area. This came after a ship ran aground outside of Victoria harbor due to the rough seas. Thankfully this only caused inconvenience to many people and there has been no reports of deaths. Unlike the Philippines where 39 people died and 31 are still missing after Nesat impacted the area. Typhoon Nesat is forecasted to continue to track West over Hainan today and is expected to bring heavy rainfall to the already drenched Indo China weekend this weekend.Meanwhile Typhoon Nelgae is moving in on Luzon bringing the potential of exasperating the flooding that occurred less than a week ago by Nesat.

Typhoon Nesat , Typhoon Nalgae 29 SEP 2011 06UTC Video Update

Typhoon Nesat is moving on shore over Hainan today bringing heavy rainfall to an already Indo China Region. Also High winds and heavy rains hit Hong Kong Island as the storm passed to the South.

Meanwhile Typhoon Nalgae is picking up pace and moving towards Luzon where it threatens to bring a deadly blow of rainfall and high winds to the island less than a week after Nesat moved through.