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30 OCT 2011 Western Pacific & Australia Weather Update

High Pressure settling across the Asia Continent today and in to the western pacific while an area of low pressure is seen moving across Japan today. This is bringing Scattered rain showers to the region indicated in the areas in the chart above highlighted in green.   As this low moves off to the North East the high will sink in bringing fog to much of china and in to Korea. The interaction between the high moving in and the low will increase the gradient induced winds bringing gusty winds to southern Japan and in to Taiwan.

In the tropics the area of convection (invest 96W) is less impressive today as much of the moisture with it was lost overnight. Model guidance has also backed off on development with this area picking up on the new initialization with the weaker system.   (Model Guidance to the Right) With this system falling it brings no tropical activity to the western pacific today.

In Australia dry weather persist across most of the country with the exemption of a trough in Queensland that is spitting off thunderstorms west of the brisbane area. This has brought several severe thunderstorm warnings over the past 24hours causing localized flooding and gusty winds.  If you are in this area please continue to check the BOM for updates.

Thailand Flood Update and Forecast 30 OCT 2011

The astronomical high tide is in place over Bangkok today bringing a risk of added pressure to the downtown area. Starting this week though water levels are expected to decrease with the reduce in rainfall and defending tide levels.

Invest 96W Near Guam, Bangkok Flooding Update & Fire WX in QLD29 OCT 2011

Invest 96W near Guam brings the threat of possible tropical deveopment next week with heavy rain showers to the philippines. In Bangkok high tides are putting extra pressure on the already stressed levees keeping the downtown area dry. Across Australia a dynamic weather pattern persist during the transition season.

Large Quake in Peru, no Tsunami Threat to the Western Pacific & East Asia

A 6.9m Earthquake hit Peru today, PTWC did issue a Bulletin Stating no Widespread Tsunami was expected. Yet a local one likely did occur along the Coast of South America.