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30/11/11 Tropical Cyclone Update analysis for the South Pacific and Indian Ocean

A look back at Typhoon Nalgae


Another great video uploaded by Chun Fu Wu, to see more of his projects check out his youtube channel.

Severe Storms in Australia & Snow in N. Japan. 30 NOV 2011

30 NOV 2011, more snow pushes over Japan, today I show you how to use a thickness chart to tell what type of precip. will fall. Also looking south New South Wales is seeing Severe storms today as a strong frontal system moves across south east Australia.

28 NOV Tropical Cyclone 05A , Rains Over Japan , 6.4 M Earthquake near Papa New Guinea

28 NOV 2011, We continue to watch the weakening Cyclone in the Arabian Sea while in the Western Pacific A low pressure system moves over Japan. Meanwhile the Australian High dominates Australia.

Only video of the flooding in India I could find.