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22 UTC | Tropical Depression 25W

Tropical Depression 25W in the South China Sea has somewhat weakened over the past 6 hours. It is located approximately 660km east of Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam. Maximum sustained winds are estimated to be around 45kph with occasional gusts of up to 65kph.

As mentioned, the system is disorganized although there is still a low level circulation center that was picked up by an ASCAT pass last night. Convective activity is also very poor and is having difficulty consolidating due to the moderate wind shear of around 20 kts in the region. Nevertheless, we are expecting this batch of rain showers to move into Vietnam sometime tonight or into tomorrow. JTWC is forecasting 25W to remain as a weak depression throughout, before dissipating by either Tuesday or Wednesday.

JTWC’s Forecast Track

-WxCaster PAT

Tropical Cyclone Possible near Australia and Vietnam 04 DEC 2011

Possible Tropical Development in the Indian Ocean today that could bring heavy rains and strong winds to Australia by the later part of this coming week.
Also we are watching an area in the South China sea for possible development and lastly snow continues to push on shore to Japan producing great ski conditions for Sapporo.

Lastly New entrance and exit, would love the feed back.
****** UPDATE*****

The area near Vietnam has now been upgraded to a Tropical Depression by JTWC.