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WTSX21 (Invest 98) is now Tropical Cyclone 02S in the Southern Indian Ocean and updates on Alenga

A quick update on WTSX21 (Invest 98). The JTWC has upgraded this disturbance into Tropical Cyclone 02S with a maximum winds of 35knots and gusts at 45knots. The system is currently moving south-southwest and is expected to intensify into a moderate tropical storm in the next 24 to 48 hour.

At the mean time, the MTOTEC has upgraded Alenga as a moderate tropical storm with wind speed approaching 40knots and gusts at 55knots. The system is currently moving south-south east with a speed of 3 knots per hour

We will keep monitoring on the system and post an update once available.

WestPacwx South East Asia  – Francis –

Tropical Cyclone Alenga Update 02 DEC 2011 & WestPacwx Update

Today Tropical Cyclone Alenga Moves through the Indian Ocean, but does not looks like it will threat the coast of Australia. Meanwhile heavy rains fall in the Philippines and Japan.

TD25W Dissipating, 01S is now Alenga and a brief look at WTSX21 (Invest 98S)

TD 25W in the South China Sea continues to weaken and almost dissipating itself after reaching the coast of Vietnam. At the same time, 01S in the Southern Hemisphere is now known as TC Alenga. Not far away, WTSX21 or Invest 98S is gaining strength and the probability of developing into a significant Tropical Cyclone within the next 24 hour is high. A look at the following picture shows that both Alenga and WTSX21 (Invest 98S) seated side by side.

WestPacwx will continue to update on the latest information.

WestPacwx South East Asia  – Francis –