Archive | December 7, 2011

Tropical Cyclone Alenga & Western Pacific Weather Update 07 DEC

Tropical Cyclone Alenga is progressing as forecasted today in the Indian Ocean. It is currently gradually strengthening due to a decrease in vertical and wind shear and suitable sea surface temperatures.  The Joint Typhoon Warning Center; one of the agencies warning on this system is forecasting a max intensity of 65G80kts on the 8th before the storm encounters a dramatic increase in vertical wind shear causing it to decrease in intensity rapidly. Therefore at this time little to no impact to the Australian coast is forecasted to occur and the BOM has not warned on this system.

In Eastern Asia heavy rains are hitting the Phillipines dropping over 100mm of rainfall in many locations in the area including Manila at times. This rainfall will cause localized flooding in low lying and poor drainage areas and I defiantly recommend anyone in these regions to pay close attention to this surge of energy.

Farther North Cold weather is persisting in Japan while temperatures continue to dip to the single digits at night across the country with below freezing temperatures expected over the weekend for much of Japan North of Tokyo. With this snow is expected while rainfall continues to linger from Kyushu to Korea through the weekend as a low pressure foundry persist in the region. The surface analysis bellows indicates in green where rainfall/snowfall is currently occurring.

Lastly no video Update today as it is my Son’s Birthday. Family before Work I say. Enjoy your day everyone.

~Meteorologist Robert Speta