Archive | December 10, 2011

Invest 94W Update (TCFA Issued by JTWC)

A Tropical Cyclone Formation Alert has just been put out by the Joint Typhoon Warning Center indicating a high chance of cyclone development for Invest 94W located in the South China Sea. This low pressure area is located approximately 400km west of the Philippines. A low level circulation center is partially visible on the satellite imagery and convective activity remains strong, albeit sheared out.

Despite the latest developments, computer models remain conservative with 94W’s evolution. Most of them keep it as a weak surface low and heavy rains associated with it. Even if it does develop, 94W is not expected to directly affect the Philippine Islands as it will be moving towards the west. Vietnam, however, may be affected by rain showers beginning Tuesday.

TCFA Graphic from JTWC

-WxCaster PAT video added by Robert Speta