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Newly-formed Tropical Depression 26W Dec 12, 2011


Joint Typhoon Warning Center has now upgraded Invest 94W into Tropical Depression 26W. The system is located in the South China Sea, approximately 450km west of Palawan or 750km east of Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam. Maximum winds are between 45 and 65kph. TD 26W is moving west southwestward at 15kph.

Conditions in the region have improved over the past 24 hours and that has helped 26W to organize and strengthen. Wind shear has weakened to 10-20kts and sea surface temperatures are somewhat favorable. Tropical Depression 26W is forecast to strengthen a little bit more due to the favorable environment although there is little chance it will attain Tropical Storm status. As far as track goes, computer models show it moving westward and could impact Vietnam by the middle of this week.

JTWC is forecasting a west-southwestward track which will take it offshore of Vietnam, south of Ho Chi Miinh by Tuesday afternoon. JTWC is also forecasting a weak system which will likely dissipate by the latter part of the week.

Latest Forecast Track by the Joint Typhoon Warning Center

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