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TS Washi (Sendong) Morning Update December 17, 2011

Tropical Storm Washi (Bagyong Sendong) is now beginning to move back into water after affecting the Mindanao Island last night. The center was located approximately 170km southwest of Cebu City or about 230km northeast of Zamboanga City. Maximum sustained winds are at 85kph gusting to 100kph. Washi has accelerated slightly and is moving westward at 25kph.

Rainfall reports out of Mindanao and Visayas range from 100 to 150mm with isolated amounts of nearly 200mm. Rainfall will continue through most of these parts today with as much as 100m. Conditions should then begin to improve by later this afternoon. Washi’s next target will be Palawan, which could begin feeling the effects beginning tonight. Washi could re-organize and strengthen over the Sulu Sea before moving into Palawan. Heavy rain and strong winds, together with potential storm surge, will last for around 10 hours before improving tomorrow morning. TS Washi is forecast to then exit into South China Sea by Sunday. Long-term forecasts take Washi into Southern Vietnam by as early as Monday. Some models, though, take the storm south of the country and into Malay Peninsula by early next week.

JTWC Forecast Graphic

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Tropical Storm Washi “Sendong” 04Z Update 16 DEC

Tropical Storm Washi “Sendong continues is forecasted to move over Mindano today bringing flooding rains and the threat of mudslides in the rugged terrain of the island. Signal Force 2 has been posted across the island. (Click here for a complete list) 

All agencies agree this storm will continue to push due west across the Sulu sea and then on to Palawan. Anyone living in low lying areas or flood prone areas are urged to take extreme caution.