Tropical Storm Washi “Sendong” 04Z Update 16 DEC

Tropical Storm Washi “Sendong continues is forecasted to move over Mindano today bringing flooding rains and the threat of mudslides in the rugged terrain of the island. Signal Force 2 has been posted across the island. (Click here for a complete list) 

All agencies agree this storm will continue to push due west across the Sulu sea and then on to Palawan. Anyone living in low lying areas or flood prone areas are urged to take extreme caution.


3 Responses to “Tropical Storm Washi “Sendong” 04Z Update 16 DEC”

  1. Hello Robert ,,thank you your weather reports i fine them very interesting and well done .I live here in Baclayon,Bohol,Philippines we are under a signal number 2 ,school has been canceled . the weather right now at 2:20 PM Philippine time is cloudy and winds a light,No rain.
    Yesterday we had a heavy thunderstorm with lots of rain and wind. Today is nonevent here.

  2. Bohol is currently north of the path of the storm, Ralph, so you may not see the worst of conditions. However, there will still be rainshowers moving in so there could still be some flooding and landslides, stay safe out there!

    Amazing update as always Rob!

  3. Hi, I am on the small island Con Dao at the south of Vietnam, so obviously watching this very closely! Thanks for your jargon free reports! Any more predictions on what and when we can expect Washi on Con Dao would be greatly appreciated.

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