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TS Washi (Sendong) Afternoon Update December 17, 2011

Tropical Storm Washi (Sendong) has left more than 150 people killed in Mindanao as it moved through the island last night. Most of the casualties were the result of violent flash floods; the rapidly rising rivers are thought to have caught many sleeping residents off guards. Across Mindanao, there have been 100 to 200mm of rain that fell, some parts have received nearly 250m, hence the many reports of swollen rivers. Across Visayas, rainfall reports generally ranged from 100 to 150mm.

Right now, TS Washi is over the Sulu Sea and is about to move into Palawan. Maximum sustained winds are still at 100kph gusting to 130kph as per JTWC. It is moving westward at 20kph.

This infra-red image from NRLMRY shows the current location of the storm as well as the convective activity as viewed from a satellite. The storm has become ragged due to land interaction but it does seem to be reorganizing over the water.

Washi is forecast to cross the central part of Palawan later tonight (around 9pm Philippine Time). It will then move into South China Sea tomorrow morning. Eventually, Washi will be moving very close into Vietnam. The consensus takes Washi just south of Ho Chi Minh by Tuesday and shows a recurve southwestward into Malay Peninsula by Wednesday. By that time though, we expect Washi to weaken to a depression due to unfavorable conditions.

Forecast Graphic from JTWC

-WxCaster PAT

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