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TS Washi Morning Update December 19, 2011

Tropical Storm Washi has now moved away from the Philippine Area of Responsibility. Unfortunately, the death toll in Mindanao just continues to increase as the authorities continue to find more bodies that were washed away by the flash floods. Meanwhile, Washi is now moving across the South China Sea, located approximately 820km east southeast of Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam. Maximum sustained winds are at 45 knots gusting to 55 knots. The system remains organized despite the increasing wind shear. Convective activity also is still active, although somewhat displaced from the center.

Latest Forecast Graphic from the JTWC continues to show a track away from Vietnam. It will pass approximately 350km south of Ho Chi Minh by Tuesday morning. By that time, Washi is expected to weaken to a Tropical Depression and probably dissipate by as early as Wednesday, just before it reaches the Malay Peninsula.

Forecast Graphic from JTWC

We’ll have more updates throughout the day, stay safe!

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Forecast Track for Washi/Sendong 18 December.

The deadliest Tropical Storm in 2011 Washi/Sendong is moving out from the Philipine sea leaving disastrous effect behind. The storm is currently moving at 14knots heading West-South West into the South China Sea.

Latest JTWC and JMA forecast track for Tropical Storm Washi/Sendong is illustrated below. The storm is expected to weakean into a Tropical Depression before hitting the coast of Malaysia. JTWC forecast indicate that it will most probably reaching the coastal area of South East  Peninsula Malaysia (State of Terengganu,Pahang and Johor) and might as well Singapore latest by 21st or 22nd of December.

Compare to previous forecast, the JTWC now have push the forecast track to lower south of peninsula Malaysia approaching Singapore mainly due to the effect of north-east monsoonal season shear which has bombarded the storm. The cold surge pushing out from the north will be one of the main reason the storm is weaken to a depression before making landfall in Peninsula Malaysia

The Malaysia Meteorology Agency has issued a Third Category Strong Wind and Rough Sea Warning to the South East Costal Area of Malaysia and also the Borneo states (Sabah and Sarawak) indicating the strong wind over 60kmph and wave as high as 5.5meter.

Thailand Meteorological Department also issued a weather warning towards the South East Coast of Thailand indicating isolated heavy rain and strong wind 
waves ranging from 2-4 metres high. The Vietnam Weather agency  alerted a Tropical Storm Warning on its website with concern over the probability Washi/Sendong hitting the coast and the city of Ho Chi Minh.

Tropical Storm Warning and forecast track issued by Vietnam Weather Agency

We will keep you up to date with the latest information regarding this storm.

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Death Toll increases to over 652 with more than 800 still missing according to the Philippine Red Cross

The general secretary of the Philippine Red Cross has stated that the death toll continues to climb now reaching over 650 souls due to the flash floods caused by Tropical Storm Washi / Sendong Friday night in to Saturday Morning.  This by far eclipse all the storms so far this year and is the deadliest natural event second too the Great Eastern Japan Earthquake/ Tsunami in 2011.

At this time the evening of the 18th the storm continues to move away from the Philippines yet converging flow from a cold surge to the North and the Easterlies is causing rain showers across much of Luzon today. These could cause localized flooding but nothing compared to the devastation that occurred to the south.

Please go back and see the the videos in our previous updates that give you a harsh look at the reality unfolding in the region.

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Tropical Storm Washi leaves over 400 Deaths in its Wake & Forecast 18 DEC 2011

Tropical Strom Washi leaves over 400 dead in the PI with thousands homeless or being effected in some way by this system. Us here at are making a call out to those of you that may know of some great charities to donate too. With all of our help the holidays may not be so rough for some of the effected.

See the below footage taken from the air across the devasted city of Cagayan