Tropical Storm Washi / Sendong moves in to the South China Sea leaving over 400 Dead in the PI

Over 400 casualties have been reported so far due to the devastating storm that swept across Mindanoa Friday night in to Saturday morning.  Most of these deaths occurred during the overnight hours when flash floods quickly hit localized areas making small streams in to torrent rivers in the matter of minutes.

Today outflow from the storm continues to drop heavy rainfall across central and southern Luzon where flooding is still possible in low lying areas over the next 48hrs.  Meanwhile the center of Washi itself has begun to get bombarded by vertical wind shear associated with a cold surge moving out of China today. This cold surge will likely be the savior for Thailand and Malaysia as it will weaken the storm causing it to downgrade to a Tropical Depression and eventually a large area of convection.

Still rainfall is expected in Thailand and flooding rains could be seen as far south as Kuala Lumpur on the 21st in to the 22nd.  We will continue to closely follow the possiblity of these flooding over the course of the next several days.

Meanwhile the Philippines continues to recover from this devastating storm. Our Prayers and hopes go out to the effected people in the region.


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