Heavy rainfall over the South East Asia 20 December 2011

The North East Monsoon continues to rampage the South East Asia. Several places has recorded a cumulative rainfall between 100mm to over 240mm in the past 24 hour causing severe localize flooding. Image below from the Malaysia Meteorological Department indicating that location such as Singapore, Brunei and some places in the Sumatera Peninsula, Indonesia, experience a cumulative rainfall ranging from 200mm to 250mm. Apart from that, several places in the Southern region of Peninsula Malaysia (the Johor states) has a cumulative rainfall of more than 100mm and some localize flooding has been reported with several evacuation centre being opened. To further aggravate the situation, the Peninsula Malaysia, Singapore and even the Southern provinces of Thailand is now exposed to the threat of the remnants of Tropical Storm Washi which is expected to make landfall by 21 of December 2011.

The Malaysia Meteorological Agency has issued a Orange Stage (Second Level) heavy rain warning to the Southern region and Yellow Stage (First Level) heavy rain warning to the East Coast of Peninsula Malaysia indicating that isolated heavy rain and thunderstorm will continue until the 23rd of December 2011.

Meanwhile in Singapore, the heavy rain continues. Information obtained from the Singapore Weather Agency indicating that most of the places in Singapore is under shower and this situation will continue for the next 12 to 24 hour. On the other hand, in Brunei, the situation is getting better. Latest image radar from the Brunei Weather Agency indicates that the amount of rainfall has decreases and weather is getting better but still expecting some showers in the next 12 to 24 hour.

We at Western Pacific Weather, would again remind everyone who is currently exposed to either the bad monsoonal weather or tropical storm/cyclone threat to be alert of the warning issued by the authority and the relevant government agency in order to avoid the unnecessary loss of property and human lifes.

Stay safe everyone and have a good day.

WestPacWx South East Asia – Francis-

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