Archive | December 22, 2011

Tropical Cyclone Fina & High Chance of Development near Darwin 22 DEC

The BOM has upgraded the area of convection in the Coral Sea today to Tropical Cyclone Fina stating the following “TROPICAL CYCLONE FINA, CATEGORY 1, is expected to maintain a southwesterly track during Thursday while weakening early this afternoon. Tropical Cyclone Fina is not expected to directly affect the Queensland coast”. This comes as a welcome relief to Queensland yet New Caledonia could see rough seas and heavy rains over the next 48 hours as the storm continues to track South West becoming extra-tropical.

Another low pressure area is developing North of Darwin and is bringing the potential for heavy rain shower to the northern City over the next several days as it lingers in the region due to a lack of steering flow.

The BOM has issued the following statement in regard to this storm. “A tropical cyclone is expected to develop early Saturday north of the Top End. GALES are not expected in coastal areas in the next 24 hours, however gales could develop later. The Territory Controller advises communities under Watch that now is the time to put together your emergency kit, clear your yards and balconies, and commence home shelter preparations. Residents of Darwin and Rural Area are advised that if you DO NOT have accommodation constructed to the Building Code or are unsure of your present accommodation you should determine which public emergency shelter to use. This advice is issued to allow you sufficient time in which to take the necessary precautions before winds reach a dangerous level.”

Below is an update from our partners at 28cyclones on this system as well.