Rainfall update in the Philippines | December 27, 2011

We hope you had a wonderful Christmas!

Right now, heavy rain continues to dominate the Southern Philippines, rubbing a salt in the wound as they say. More than 200mm have fallen in the past 24 hours alone in some locations in Mindanao. Areas in Region X (near CDO and Iligan) have also recorded 150 to almost 200mm. Furthermore, places in Visayas such as Cebu, Negros and Leyte Provinces have also reported heavy rains. We have created a simple graphic below showing the rainfall accumulations in the past 24 hours. Data were collected from PAGASA, the World Meteorological Organization (WMO), and NASA’s TRMM. Please do note that there may be discrepancies with the data so please use them with caution.

The rain is not limited to the Philippines, however. Heavy rains were also reported across much of Borneo Island. The combination of the ITCZ and a tropical disturbance is bringing widespread moderate to heavy rain across the entire region. This batch of showers is moving slowly to the west and will eventually affect Indochina and Malay Peninsula by the latter part of this week. Meanwhile, rain will continue for most of the Philippines and Borneo so expect another 100 to 200mm of rain in the next 24 hours.

The video Update below is a look at this rainfall and what is expected over the next week.  Also in the video we take a look at Cyclone Thane in India and Ex-Cyclone Grant over Australia.

This IR image (from NOAA) below shows the wide coverage of the precipitation in the region.

Please stay tuned for updates on the tropical systems Grant and Thane in the Indian Ocean.

-WxCaster PAT ~Video added by Meteorologist Robert Speta

The following is the latest information from GDACS on the WAHI aftermath.

  • The death is revised up to 1,171, while the number of missing remains unchanged at 1,079 and the number of injured raises to 4,594, reports the Government.
  • The number of people seeking refuge with families and in spontaneous shelters increases, while the number of people in evacuation centres drops.
  • More assessments are required with particular focus on those affected by the storm in remote villages (barangays) and living with relatives and friends outside evacuation centres.
  • Greater focus needs to be placed on needs and delivery of assistance in areas outside Cagayan de Oro and Iligan, in particular Lanao del Sur, Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao.
  • Transport is needed to move goods arriving from outside of Cagayan de Oro and Iligan; additional, longer-term storage facilities for the arriving relief items also need to be identified.

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