Cyclone Thane Makes Landfall South of Chennai, 00Z 30 DEC 2011

Per Doppler Radar out of Chennai Cyclone Thane is making landfall this morning South of Chennai. Already there are reports of people needing rescue off the Indian coast as the Severe Cyclone neared Thursday night in to Friday morning.  Still no reports of any casualties and limited reports of damage from this storm yet as day breaks in the region more light will be shed on the impact this storm is making along the East Coast.

At 21Z today JTWC (Joint Typhoon Warning Center) ranked the storm as an equivalent of a Strong Tropical Storm with winds of 60G75kts as it tracked west approximately 75nm to the south of Chennai. Given this track coastal storm surge is still likely to the North of the land falling storm in the city of Cuddallore.  All residents in the region are urged to stay in doors until winds begin to subside as well.  Even in areas farther inland or are rain free gusty winds can still cause loose objects to go airborne causing damage to people or property.

With that said though rainfall is still a big worry today, Chennai itself from reports overnight looks to to have missed the brunt of the rainfall.  Yet to the South convective bands continue to move on shore bringing totals well above 100mm over a course of 6hours across the region.  Low lying areas not only near the coast but also farther inland should be aware of the potential of flash flooding from this storm.

Below is a video update from our partner at

Later today a video update on this storm will be posted as well.

~Meteorologist Robert Speta


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