Japan Snow Fall Continues, 29 DEC 2011

While Tropical Weather prevails in Australia and the Indian Ocean. Not to mention a developing  Low in the South China (Read Today’s SE ASIA WEATHER UPDATE)  Snow fall continues to hit the west coast of Japan in great numbers. The image to the right shows the snow forecast over the next 6 days noting some of the areas displaying totals above 50cm. This is to add to the overall total in locations nearing 3-4 meters.

This area of the world along the west coast of Japan is historic for its heavy snowfall amounts annually. For people living in the United states the atmosphere effects that take place in Japan are similar to those along the great lakes.  ( I grew up in Buffalo New York) The cold air out of Siberia pushes across the warm waters of the Sea of Japan creating an unstable atmosphere and allowing clouds to condense as the air pushes South West. There are to images below the first of today’s Surface Analysis showing the isobar lines flow going from the NW to the SE and the second Ocean Effect snow diagram displaying many these features that take place.

With that said the snow fall looks to continue for Japan as the Siberian high continues to pump cold dry air towards the south. This is great for skiers and people heading out to enjoy the Sapporo Snow Festival.  Yet can always be a pain for day to day life for the people along the Northern and Western Japan.

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