Tropical Update for South China Sea and Philippines | December 30, 2011

We are currently watching two weather disturbances in the South China Sea and the Western Pacific. Invest 98W is located approximately 400km south southwest of Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam. It is embedded along a line of rain showers due to the wind convergence. JTWC is currently giving 98W a LOW chance for development. However, as it moves westward, we expect it to bring widespread rains across Thai-Malay Peninsula, including Cambodia and even Singapore. Precipitation could begin this weekend and amounts could be as high as 200mm.

This VIS image from NRLMRY shows the location of 98W.

Another system is Invest 99W located approximately 400km east of Mindanao. It will likely bring widespread rain showers for Eastern and Southern Mindanao this weekend. Rainfall amounts could range from 100 to 200mm.
Stay tuned for more updates on all things tropical: Thane in India and Benilde (04S) in the South Indian Ocean. This system also has a low chance for development but it still has the potential to cause flashfloods and landslides so we’ll keep an eye on these systems.

-WxCaster PAT


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