Tropical Cyclone Thane Leaves 33 Dead & New LPA over Mindanao, 31 DEC 2011

Tropical Cyclone Thane left 33 confirmed reports of deaths in it’s wake yesterday as the storm made landfall south of Chennai packing winds of 140km per hour at landfall. Wide spread reports of damage to structures and power outages are still be reported in the region in the wake of the cyclone.

Good news out of the region though is the North East Monsoon currently taking place over India, this is pushing dry air from the North in to the storm causing it to rapidly weaken and it wrings out the moisture the storm picked up over the Bay of Bengal. Therefore any fears of the storm re-forming over the Arabian Sea seems unlikely at this time but not completely out of the question as the center of the low moves back over warmer waters.  For videos of the destruction click here for an assortment of videos found after the storm made landfall. 


Meanwhile two more low pressure areas in the Pacific continue to bring the threat of heavy rainfall fall to South East Asia. One of these is being dubbed “Invest 98W”, this area does not show large potential of development in to a tropical storm yet still has ingredients to bring a large amount of rainfall to the southern Philippines through the weekend and in to next week. Already in areas across Mindanao reports of rainfall have topped 80mm in the past 24hours putting a damper on relief efforts in the region that continues to recover from the destruction that occurred a little over a week and a half ago in the southern Philippines from Tropical Storm Washi.


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