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Australia Cyclone Update JAN 31

Today’s Australian Tropical Update is from our Partners at


(1) Cyclone Iggy still has a few hours of life yet, but it is heading into a hostile environment in 24 – 48 hours. It is likely to recurve towards WA but as a LOW due to an upper trough.

(2) TD07F and TD09F may interact with each other. Both systems are making it difficult for each other to develop. We expect TD09F the northern system to be the one that fires into a marginal TC.

(3) A LOW is located on the Western Cape and remains weak and quasi stationary over the next 24 hours before beginning to move slowly across the Peninsula

(4) It is unclear whether the LOW will develop into a TC or remain a monsoonal LOW with gales to its north only. Eventually a complex interaction with TD09F could take place in the longer term, killing off both systems.

(5) The Coral Sea future LOW/cyclone will move towards the east or south east and should not threaten the coast

31 JAN 2012 Western Pacific Weather Update

The siberian high continues to drift south in eastern Asia today, this is bringing bitter cold temperatures to most of the content and the western pacific. Wide Spread fog is being reported as well (shown in Yellow on the Analysis below) specifically across most of eastern asia. Meanwhile heavy snow is hitting japan with creating blizzard conditions with record breaking snowfall across North Western Honshu. This can be a dangerous situation for the area especially for those who plan on driving on some of the highways. As always remember to slow down and be safe out there.

~Meteorologist Robert Speta

Australian Tropical Update / New Video Contributor

Cyclone Iggy continues to stir up the coast of Australia today as it tracks south. At this time it is being categorized a Category 1 Cyclone on the Australian scale and is forecasted to remain at this intensity as it tracks South becoming extra-tropical. The video above is from our newest video contributor OZCyclone Chaser. He now will be added to the list of our dedicated forecasters including Myself, Pat, Francis, Solar Watcher, 28cyclones, QuakeSOS & Extreme Weather Chaser James Reynolds.

Philippines Forecast | January 29, 2012

Scattered showers are affecting Eastern Luzon right now, otherwise it’s mostly clear for much of the Philippines. Some showers across Northeastern Mindanao brought around 50mm of rain last night. Most of the precipitation has now dissipated although chances for an isolated thunderstorm remains. Clear skies are also allowing temperatures to get into the low 30s for some cities such as Manila and Davao.

As for the forecast, there could still be some showers for Luzon for tomorrow although the bulk of it should be confined for the eastern and southern areas (eg Bicol). Same goes for Visayas although showers here should be isolated. Clearing weather for Mindanao is also on the forecast. Next batch of more widespread precipitation is forecast to come in by Wednesday as another surge of energy moves from the east.

3-Day Forecast, NOT OFFICIAL

For weather updates for the rest of Asia-Pacific, please watch Rob’s video update posted today. My next update will be on February 1 (Wednesday).

-WxCaster PAT