Recovery Efforts from Washi , Sendong Continue as more rain falls across the Philippines

Heavy Rainfall continues to fall across the Philippines today due to a Low Pressure area moving through the region,  as of 1400PST over 51mm of rainfall have fallen in the past 24hrs in the HINATUAN. That is on top of the 53mm yesterday in the northern region of Mindanao. Leading to Pagasa issuing another Advisory on the Low Pressure area stating “Luzon, Eastern Visayas and Mindanao will have cloudy skies with scattered rainshowers and thunderstorms becoming widespread rains and thunderstorms over the eastern section of Southern Luzon, Eastern and Southern Mindanao which may trigger flashfloods and landslides. ”

This rainfall continues to hinder recovery efforts from Washi (Sendong) that caused over 1200 deaths in Mid-December and was the most deadliest weather event of 2011 in the world.  Efforts in the region are still progressing though and relief is coming with stride in the region from not only local but international help that pours in from various world wide organizations.

The slide show below shows just a glimpse of the relief efforts going on in the the region. If you have any pictures taken or stories of the recovery please share them in the comment box below.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Meanwhile the heavy rains are not only effecting the southern PI but also to the North. Manila in the past 24hrs has reported 99mm of rainfall in the city due to afternoon heating enhanced by a trough extending across the entire country. The Surface Analysis below from the Thailand Meteorological Department displays this trough. Over the next several days the rainfall is expected to persist with it gradually fading off by the weekend.

One Response to “Recovery Efforts from Washi , Sendong Continue as more rain falls across the Philippines”

  1. Thank you, very good coverage and Great slideshow. It will take some time for the local economy to also recover, and even more time for the relief funds to become available.

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