More Snow Fall in Japan, Will it end soon? 05 Jan 2012

Snow continues to Fall in Japan today while windy conditions persist from Hokkaido to Taiwan.  As posted in previous updates the snowfall is caused by cold air out of Siberia pushing across the warm waters of the Sea of Japan creating an unstable atmosphere and allowing clouds to condense as the air pushes South West.

This combined with oroghraphic lifting along the western slopes of  Japanese Alps creates some of the most continuous and heavy snow bands found any where in the world.

Most of the readers to this site I have noticed are from the Kanto plain on the western side of the Mountain Chain Running down the center of Honshu. Unfortunately for those that wish for snowfall in this area it often comes few and far between as most of the moisture is squeezed out over the Alps to the West. Often though “Virga” Snow can be seen falling a few hundred feet above the found yet as it falls to the lower levels the snowfall quickly evaporates giving a sheet like appearance that becomes wispy the farther it falls to people viewing the snowfall

from the ground.   For those on the ground in Japan who hope for the snow to stop on the West Coast though it will likely not be for a while. Often this time of year as the Siberian high dominates to the north west the Northerly winds continue to push creating these conditions persistently. This is good for skiing and also for the Sapporo Snow Festival, yet horrible for driving and  people that enjoy the warmth.

Lastly no video today, I am down with a hard cold and my voice is worth nothing today, tomorrow likely will have a video update out though. Please for those in South East Asia check out Francis Text update from earlier today. 

~Meteorologist Robert Speta, Picture below from Otaru during an ocean effect snow storm. 

2 Responses to “More Snow Fall in Japan, Will it end soon? 05 Jan 2012”

  1. THis winter has been amazing so far in Sapporo. There has been so much snow so it makes the city look very beautiful. If you are a snowboard fan like me, the local mountains are packed with powder snow so every run you can make your own fresh tracks. This winter has been the best so far in my time in Sapporo.

    • Hey Ben, that excites me to hear how beautiful it is up there. I’ll be visiting the Ice Festival at the end of the month and am getting ready. I would love to hit some slopes while there as well. Do you have any recommendations?

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