Archive | January 6, 2012

06 JAN 2012 Western Pacific & Australia Video Update

Several areas in the Western Pacific developing today, First is an area over Palau that is tracking west with the easterlies. This is spelling more rainfall to the southern Philippines by the early to mid part of the coming week.
The same goes for an area over the South China sea that will likely work its way off towards the Malaysian Peninsula brining more rainfall to that saturated region.

We also take a look towards the south where in Australia today the Australian high dominates with the exception of a low pressure system working its way across the bite. This could bring heavy showers this weekend to country Victoria as it moves East.

 Yet to the North by mid-week models are hinting at a possible cyclone development North West of Darwin, this is still long range by does bear watching.

One last thing a link has been posted to the front page to the Philippine Red Cross directing towardsthe Washi Sendong Recovery Efforts. Please click and check this link out.