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SE Asia Weather update 9 January 2012

Today we are watching over several area of low pressure developing all across the South East Asia and also some updates on the possible severe weather in few days time

First of all we look at the information obtained from the Thailand Meteorological Department. The low pressure area in the South China Sea started a few days ago still lingering around the region but the good news is that it is moving Southward bringing some heavy precipitation over the Southern Peninsula of Malaysia, Singapore and even Southern Sumatera. An area of low pressure is developing just south of the Borneo Island in the Island of Jawa bringing some heavy precipitation towards the coast of Indonesia and increase the possibility of flooding in the respective area.

Meanwhile in the PI, a low pressure area is moving towards the area of Mindanao. Pagasa in their official advisory stated that the tail end of a cold front is currently affecting Visayas and Mindanao while the north east monsoon continues to affect Luzon including the capital of Manila. Recovery effort still continues in the Washi/Sendong affected areas even with bad weathers continue to linger in the particular area. Viewers that would like to contribute in support of the recovery effort for the affected area are welcomed to click on THIS link to do their contribution. We at westernpacific are very grateful for all your kindness and support.

This is the information obtained from the Malaysian drainage and irrigation department on the amount of rainfall accumulated in the Borneo Island specifically Sarawak over the past few days. As we can see here those amount indicated in red are very heavy rainfall with figures between 60mm to 100mm in some of the area in the states of Sarawak and this situation has led to some localize flooding over the states and according to the MMA, this situation is expected to continue until tomorrow, the 10th of January 2012.

As the area of low pressure continues to move south, we are seeing some isolated and scattered rainfall over the Singapore. This is the radar imaginary obtained from the Singapore Weather Agency early today indicating that some heavy scattered showers has occur in several places in the states. The three day forecast by the Singapore Weather Agency is illustrated below.

Finally in Brunei and other parts of the Borneo Island, fair weather is being reported and so does the Northern Peninsula Malaysia and Southern Thailand. However, the latest run on the GFS model forecast that there will be a low pressure area crossing the Northern Peninsula Malaysia and Southern Thailand on the 12th of January and therefore we would like to remind residents from the respective area to be alert on the possible of climate changes after having a long week of fair weather.

However, the model serves just as a reference and guidance of what will be heading towards the possible affected area and should not be taken as such that it is 100% official. Please, do keep up to date with your local weather agency and alert of any possible warning issued by the relevant authority.

Stay safe and have a good day.

WestPac Wx SE Asia Casters ~Francis~

Where are the Weather Radars in the Western Pacific, Eastern Asia and Australia?

This article was quite fun to create, and proves a false statement that many believe about much of the Western Pacific, and that is that there is little Radar coverage in much of the region. In fact all but a few countries have quality coverage. One obvious country missing in the imagery below though is the Philippines (PAGASA)  as they have radars but do not release the images to the Public sadly and unfortunately. A few others are not in the picture as well including Cambodia and many of the smaller Islands stretching across the Western Pacific, but for the most part many of the main governmental agencies produce and release quality weather radar imagery to the public.

Country’s Represented with Radar Imagery

China, Korea, Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Guam, India, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore, New Caledonia, Australia and New Zealand

(If your country is not imaged here and should be please comment below with a link to the imagery)

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