Where are the Weather Radars in the Western Pacific, Eastern Asia and Australia?

This article was quite fun to create, and proves a false statement that many believe about much of the Western Pacific, and that is that there is little Radar coverage in much of the region. In fact all but a few countries have quality coverage. One obvious country missing in the imagery below though is the Philippines (PAGASA)  as they have radars but do not release the images to the Public sadly and unfortunately. A few others are not in the picture as well including Cambodia and many of the smaller Islands stretching across the Western Pacific, but for the most part many of the main governmental agencies produce and release quality weather radar imagery to the public.

Country’s Represented with Radar Imagery

China, Korea, Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Guam, India, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore, New Caledonia, Australia and New Zealand

(If your country is not imaged here and should be please comment below with a link to the imagery)

Please scroll to the bottom of the page for a complete list of links to the imagery used in this article.


2 Responses to “Where are the Weather Radars in the Western Pacific, Eastern Asia and Australia?”

  1. Hopefully the aftermath of Washi/Sendong will include PAGASA granting the public access to its weather data. @TeamSenKoko is pushing for this as well.

  2. Sadly though I think that will not be the case in the PI, so many people have been pushing for the radar data for such a long time. I just hope someone high up in PAGASA sees this post and realizes the large amount of coverage surrounding the country by various agencies and how the radar imagery has helped those countries during on coming storms.

    Good luck Teamkenkoko on your endeavors pushing for this.

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