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Tropical Low Developing North West of Australia, Gale Warnings in Place 10 JAN 2012

A tropical Low is slowly developing North West of Australia today bringing the potential of heavy rainfall to the North West Coast from Wallar to Dampler.   Gale Warnings have already been issued  by the BOM stating the possibility of high winds as this developing low moves South. The picture to the right shows the forecasted wind field swath via the gfs model outlook displaying the location of winds that will likely make landfall above 34kts, (Tropical Storm equivalent) . For further information check  the video below is from our partners at 28cyclones explaining the scientific reasoning behind this storm as it moves south.

~Meteorologist Robert Speta

SE Asia Weather Video Update 10th January 2012


This is my second video update on the weather in the South East Asia. We will continue to watch over the low pressure area in the South China Sea and also a newly develop low pressure area just north of Sumatera bringing some heavy precipitation over several area in the South East Asia. Also we look at the rainfall amount in the heavily affected area of Borneo Island and finally, the weather forecast for Singapore, Brunei and a look at the GFS model forecast for the coming week. Any comment or suggestion to my video update please post it on the comment box below. Thanks

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WestPac Wx SE Asia Casters ~Francis~