Philippines Forecast | January 11, 2012

Just a quick update and forecast for weather across the Philippines. For more info on the Western Pacific as a whole, you can watch Rob’s Video Update posted today.

3-day Forecast (NOT OFFICIAL)

A drier weather regime is setting up for much of the country today with majority of showers confined across the Eastern sections. So far, places in Samar and Leyte have recorded around 100mm of rain this past 24 hours; that is on top of nearly 100mm of rain in the past two days. The precipitation is caused by a shearline associated with the frontal boundary near Guam. Right now, it does seem the showers are weakening and are confined more across the Philippine Sea. We won’t rule out rain showers in these parts for the next 24 hours. Computer models do bring another batch of light to moderate showers by Friday, affecting Eastern and Central Visayas.

Luzon will have dry conditions although northern sections will have somewhat cloudy skies due to the developing front near Japan. This cloud cover is keeping temps cool, mostly mid to upper 20s for parts of Northern Luzon. Expecting clouds to diminish by Friday as the front moves on by. Temps will rebound into the 30s for Central Luzon during the afternoon hours by Friday.

Mindanao is also enjoying dry but warm weather.  These conditions will last through Friday night. Temps will remain in the low 30s during the day and will only dip into mid 20s by night. The next chance of precipitation comes later Friday and into Saturday as models bring in the wind convergence from the west.

-WxCaster PAT

4 Responses to “Philippines Forecast | January 11, 2012”

  1. “Party” cloudy, eh?

  2. No problem. I really love this site, I find stuff here I just can’t find anywhere else. Just rode from Caraga on the east coast of Mindanao to Davao, lots of heavy rain along the way and many areas flooding.


  3. Thanks! Good to know our forecasts help. As for the rains, we expect them to continue for another day or two, especially in E Mindanao. Just released another update for today, stay safe!

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