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SE Asia Weather Video Update 12th January 2012

Today’s video update look onto the low pressure area in the South China Sea moving out from the Borneo Island towards the Peninsula Malaysia bringing moderate to heavy rain across the entire area.

Also, fair weather today in the PI and it is good news for the disaster affected area but we do want to warn of a possible low developing on the 14th January moving onto 15th January bringing some heavy shower across Southern Luzon and Manila. Over the Southern Thailand, the Thailand Meteorological Department issue heavy rainfall warning beginning on today the 12th of January 2012 until the 15th of January for the area in the east coast of Southern Thailand alongside with yellow stage heavy rainfall warning issued by the Malaysia Meteorological Agency beginning today until the 14th January 2012 for the states in the east coast of the Peninsula (Kelantan, Terengganu, Pahang and Johor.)

The agency also warned of the possibility intermittent to moderate heavy rainfall to the northern states of Malaysia (Perlis, Kedah, Penang and Perak) due to the easterly wave of the monsoonal trough moving across the region. Finally, fair weather in the Southern region of Peninsula Malaysia, Singapore and also in Brunei with expected cloudy day and night shower for both region.

Stay safe and have a good day.

WestPac Wx Caster ~Francis~

Cyclone Heidi weakens after making landfall 12 JAN 2012

Cyclone Heidi made landfall early this morning as a Category 2 Cyclone, radar imagery from the time of landfall showered a rather organized system as it moved on shore. A far cry from the original forecast that expected this storm to remain weak as a tropical low. This just goes to show how quick the tropics can spin up and how one should always remain aware of the current weather anywhere in the tropics.

At this time though damage remains limited to only structural and there has been no reports of deaths in the region. Below is a few pictures of the storm as it moved on shore.

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