Cyclone Heidi weakens after making landfall 12 JAN 2012

Cyclone Heidi made landfall early this morning as a Category 2 Cyclone, radar imagery from the time of landfall showered a rather organized system as it moved on shore. A far cry from the original forecast that expected this storm to remain weak as a tropical low. This just goes to show how quick the tropics can spin up and how one should always remain aware of the current weather anywhere in the tropics.

At this time though damage remains limited to only structural and there has been no reports of deaths in the region. Below is a few pictures of the storm as it moved on shore.

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3 Responses to “Cyclone Heidi weakens after making landfall 12 JAN 2012”

  1. Rob will you please answer this question- A disturbance has formed just north of Heidi,and appears to be creating some unfavorable wind shear.Do you think it will continue to strengthen?

  2. The VKVS off jeju do is starting to dissipate, due to dry,upper level vertical wind shear.

  3. Something to watch, conditions remain the same, at this time nothing is really pointing towards development of it but as I said something to watch, as Heidi proved these storms can spin up quickly.

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