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13 JAN 2012 Western Pacific Weather Video Update

Heavy Snow Showers continue in Japan, over 1 Meter has fallen in many locations across the West Coast in the past several days with more expected in the coming. This is creating bad driving in many locations in the region but for skiers the snow comes welcomed.
Heavy rain and flooding continues in the Southern PI to the Malaysian Peninsula, over 200mm of rainfall has occurred in many locations across Southern Visayas due to the current convection in the area. This is all occurring with the North East Monsoon and unfortunately is not expected to ease up in the near future.

For more information on the flooding in the region please check the previous update from Francis and use the links in the bottom of the webpage for source information.

Flooding in Malaysia, Southern Thailand, SE Asia Weather Update 13 January 2012

The strong surge of low pressure located 2.7E, 107.3N in the South China Sea has affected much of the Peninsula Malaysia and the Southern Thailand. Information obtained from WMO today indicated that most of the east coastal area of Peninsula Malaysia and Southern Thailand (please watch the video here for the location mentioned) has recorded a high level of rainfall ranging between 100mm to 270mm in the past 24 hour causing some localized flooding.

The latest satellite image still show a very deep area of low pressure in the South China Sea just off the coast of Borneo Island. The JTWC has classified this area as an area of tropical disturbance in their significant tropical weather advisory but the possibility of developing into a tropical cyclone is still low as the tropical disturbance is located in an unfavourable condition with moderate to strong vertical wind sheaar (20 -30knots).

The Malaysia Meteorological Agency and Thailand Meteorological has issued heavy rainfall warning for the east coastal area and this warning will remain until the 15th of January. Latest run of the GFS model also indicate that the worst condition will end latest by the 15th of January 2012. Over the seaboard, the MMA and TMD has issued a gale force equivalent strong wind and rough sea warning for the South China Sea and Gulf of Thailand with possible wind over 60kmph and sea wave as high as 5.5metre.

Meanwhile over the PI, fair weather continue to be with the area with latest satellite imaginary showing some heavy rain is currently happening in the Southern Philippine namely the area of Visayas and Mindanao. Over the Northern Luzon, weather is fair across the area of Manila and other area but Pagasa do warns on the gale force wind approaching area of Visayas and seaboards of Luzon.

And finally, other area in the region such as Singapore and Brunei also most of the area in the Borneo Island should sea a fair weather today and few days time to come.

We will continue to update the latest information from time to time and please do watch out for rob’s video update for other region in the western pacific later today.


Stay safe and have a good day.

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