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5.9 Earthquake off Coast of Samar, Possible Landslides, 17 JAN 2012

A 5.9M Earthquake took place off the coast of Samar around 2100PST time today the 17th of January. This is a relatively weak earthquake compared to other ones that often strike the region yet it has the potential to cause significant damage due to the strong landslide risk in the region that still recovers from Tropical Storm Wahi/Sendong. The video below is a quick synopsis on this quake, for  more information visit our partners at

Philippines Forecast | January 17, 2012

We are seeing a quieter weather pattern today for the Philippines with only isolated thunderstorms to worry about for the meantime. However, a wave of energy is bringing scattered showers across the Western Micronesia area, particularly near Palau. This may affect Southern Philippines within the next two days. For the weather across Asia, please watch Rob’s video update in the separate post.

3-Day Forecast Graphic, NOT OFFICIAL

Have low confidence on current forecast due to the volatility of these energies that linger in the Pacific. Usually they weaken and scatter before reaching Mindanao. For now, left a 40% chance for Davao and much of Eastern Mindanao. However, as the convergence nears, we expect on and off showers for the region. As the cold front digs southward, converging NE and E winds could fire off some rain showers for Eastern Visayas; not expecting to affect much of the region though. Fair conditions are allowing temperatures to climb into the 30-degree mark today in some parts of Southern Philippines, we expect same scenario for tomorrow. Northern Luzon will see cooler temperatures due to fresh NE winds as the High Pressure rebuilds near China. Less chances of precipitation in these parts although there could still be scattered light rains due to that surge of NE winds.

Again the main concern is the ITCZ so we’ll continue updating you for any sudden changes on our forecast. ’til then, stay safe!

-WxCaster PAT

17 JAN 2012, More Flooding Possible in the PI, Western Pacific Weather Update

Heavy Snow continues to fall to the North over Japan, specifically along the West Coast of Hokkaido today as the Ocean effect snow machine still runs in the area.

To the South over the Philippines the already saturated ground and the threat of another surge of energy this week is bringing the fear of even more flooding in southern Visayas through Mindanao. We will keep you update here at Western Pacific Weather as this new convection tracks West.

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