17 JAN 2012, More Flooding Possible in the PI, Western Pacific Weather Update

Heavy Snow continues to fall to the North over Japan, specifically along the West Coast of Hokkaido today as the Ocean effect snow machine still runs in the area.

To the South over the Philippines the already saturated ground and the threat of another surge of energy this week is bringing the fear of even more flooding in southern Visayas through Mindanao. We will keep you update here at Western Pacific Weather as this new convection tracks West.

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One Response to “17 JAN 2012, More Flooding Possible in the PI, Western Pacific Weather Update”

  1. Rob,
    Thank you for the nice update that i receive i like it very much. ther are so many differences in the West side and in the Northside of the Continent in temperature. My question is when in the Ph is start Winter) Summer) and rainy season i hear so many differences.
    Take care always,,with warm regards,Ronald.

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