Archive | January 18, 2012

18 JAN 2012 Western Pacific & Eastern Asia Weather Update

High Pressure is dominating the weather today across much of Eastern Asia to the Western Pacific. There are some areas of snow along the West Coast of Japan but this is seasonal and is expected to continue to fall as long as the Siberian High remains in place. This pattern to the North is expected to break though as a new low pressure system begins to move out of China towards the Ryuku islands. GFS model outlooks indicates there will be some heavy showers to southern Japan and eventually up towards the Kanto plain to the North. Behind that cold air will push in bringing even colder temperatures to Eastern China and the Korean Peninsula.

To the South the North East Monsoon remains in effect across the Tropics, good news it has decreased in intensity in the past several days. Regardless afternoon storms due to sea breezes and diurnal effects continue to linger.  There is an area of energy pushing towards Palau today, model guidance and historical data though is indicating this will likely fall apart before reaching the PI, although the positive vorticity and the upward vertical motion with this trough could enhance rain showers over the PI this weekend. Therefore expect strong to heavy showers specifically in the Evening hours. for most of the country.

To the West over Malaysia and Thailand as stated above the North East monsoon has waned a bit, but still continues to linger enhancing afternoon thunderstorms. The surface chart below indicates the areas of low pressure associated with the monsoonal trough and the high pressure to the North with the developing low coming out of China.