20 JAN 2012, Heavy Rain and Snow over Japan, Severe Storms in Australia

From Japan to Australia heavy rainfall is being felt across the viewer area today. Starting to the North a blanket of cloud cover continues to linger over Japan due to a low pressure system enveloping the country today. Across Southern and Eastern Japan rainfall is being seen yet towards the center of the country and on the western side of the islands snowfall is being recorded, in Tokyo it is the first time this year the white stuff has accumulated on the ground as temperatures dropped below freezing.  The video above is a recording shot in the Kanto plain of the snow today. As stated yesterday in our video often this time of year weather systems move in from the North West and get disrupted over the Japanese Alps, with this weather system pushing in from the South West the oroghraphic factor is taken away allowing for precipitation in Tokyo.  The low is expected to linger over Japan through the weekend before Sunday night in to Monday before high

pressure pushes in out of Siberia bringing colder temps with clearer skies.

Moving to the Tropics and South East Asia the North East Monsoon has waned for a short period of time today. Although through the weekend in to Monday a new trough of low pressure is expected to move through the Philippine Sea and on shore across Mindanao. This will likely bring enhanced rain showers and localized flooding. Still the main threat in this area continues to be the saturated soil that would increase rainfall runoff and in the end increasing the chance of flash floods. Given current Visible imagery Thunderstorms are located to the East of the Country today. Through the weekend we will continue to post updates on this upcoming area of convection and its potential impacts. For more detailed information on this area please check Pat’s text update and Forecast. 

Lastly across Australia the Monsoonal trough is pushing in across the Northern Portions of the Country, in Northern QLD today SevereThunderstorm Warnings have been issued on and off through out the day. As evening moves in to Nightfall today diurnal effects will also play a role in allowing another burst of convection in the area. The radar to the Right shows how storms continue to linger in the Cairns area. To the South and West Perth is also seeing Thunderstorms today, the video below is from one of our viewers and a weather share from her during a storm in South Western Australia.

If you have any comments or questions as always please post them in the Comment Box below, also remember that you can find me on NHK World  Newsline starting in the next few month bringing the weather. So be sure to get the channel, APP or book mark the website. Have a great day everyone and stay safe.

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