Archive | January 21, 2012

21 JAN 2012, Chinese New Year Forecast; Western Pacific Weather Update

A large trough of Low Pressure along the leading edge of the Siberian High Pushing South over Eastern Asia is bringing heavy rainfall from Japan through China, this is creating a bitter cold and hazardous weekend for potential travelers.
As the high continues to push south cold temperatures will follow as well dropping much of Eastern Asia below freezing with the Northern Portions of Japan hitting the 0 mark as well.

Lastly we continue to watch a surge of energy move towards Mindanao today possibly enhancing rain showers over the weekend to the Southern Island


Check out this video by Chun Fu Wu of a Time Lapse of the Western Pacific for 2011. Noting the numerous Typhoons and Tropical Storms forming throughout the year.  One thing I think one can grasp from this film is how fluid the atmosphere is, it really becomes visible in this six minute time lapse.