SE Asia Weather Update 24 January 2012

A very good Chinese New Year wishes from me to all our viewer here in WestPac Wx. It will be a short and quick update today.

Looking over the WestPac today, fair weather across most of the area in the region today. Clear sky and fair weather across the Peninsula Malaysia extended to Singapore making it a good day for new year visit and greetings for everyone in the region. Also, fair weather across the Borneo Island inclusive of Brunei. However, the monsoonal effect is still strong across the region so do expect some daily evening thundershower and isolated rain in several area.

Meanwhile over the PI, do expect cloudy sky and windy day in most of the area in the PI and some shower in certain area. Satellite imaginary showing an a tropical low is developing in the far South of the Philippine and we will be monitoring this system if its going to develop into anything.

Overall the Southern Hemisphere in the Northern Australia, a tropical low is forming bringing some heavy precipitation over the region. Flooding has been reported over the area and we will be continue watching and keep an update if it is to develop into something.

Overall, we should see fair weather in the next 24 to 48 hour before anything rough emerge in the region. It is a quiet weather for the Chinese New Year celebration for South East Asia.

Stay safe and have a good day

WestPac Wx Weather Casters ~Francis~

2 Responses to “SE Asia Weather Update 24 January 2012”

  1. Hello Rob,
    I have a Question to you is it possible that more cold air gould come to Ph Japan is already affected by the cold air. Pls tell me something about that if that is possible,Japan is close to Ph.I am very intersted by the weather i always look every day to the forecast,i like your updates very much,,i like the change also very much its more clear now.Pls give me answer to my question,thank you very much, till here take care with warm regards,Ronald Buis Gubat Ph.

  2. I’m assuming PH is short for Philippines, kind of confused on that, but as the cold air pushes south it usually stops by Taiwan due to the placement of the Polar Front Jet, therefore continue to expect tropical weather to the south.

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