02 FEB, Western Pacific Weather Update / Heavy Snow to Japan, Gale Winds across the South

Dry air and cold temperatures are dominating most of Eastern Asia today as a intense and suppressive Siberian High continues to push south across the country. Out ahead of this high though a low pressure system is kicking up winds and bringing widespread precipitation to most of Japan. Ocean effect snow showers in particular is forecasted to continue to be very intense along the eastern side of Japan. Here snowfall has already piled up to over 5-7 meters in some locations and is expected to continue to fall as we go in to the coming days. The image to the right displays the forecast over the next 3 days.
As this low moves away bitter cold temps will once again fall in across Japan bringing yet another shot of freezing temps to the Kanto Plain. Meanwhile going south the cold temps will continue to drift. The temperature gradient from the high pressure to the north and the North East monsoon to the south has caused JMA and PAGASA to issue Gale Warnings across much of the South China and Phillipine Sea. The Surface analysis below displays the Gale warnings around Taiwan issued by JMA.

Overall though the tropics remain quite over the next week, afternoon scattered showers are expected to continue to effect the area though. For more information on the 3 day outlook and forecast please check PATS update from earlier today.

~Meteorologist Robert Speta

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