Asia Weather, Philippines 3-Day Forecast | February 1, 2012

This is just a quick weather update for Asia-Pacific; included is my 3-day forecast for the Philippines.

For today, we are watching an extra-tropical cyclone move through Northern Japan. The warm front is bringing mild temperatures into Southeastern Honshu, around Kanto Plains. Tokyo Airport is reporting temperatures in the low to mid teens (10 to 15C)! The western side of the island, however, will have mainly snow which could pile up to another 50cm, especially in higher elevations. The cold air on the backside of the storm will eventually move eastward. Tokyo may not get out of the single digits by Friday and Saturday. Seoul and Beijing, on the other hand, will go as low as -10 to -15C by Friday night/Saturday morning. A piece of that cold air is also forecast to affect Northern Philippines.

Infrared Image from NRLMRY showing the weather systems that we are talking about

Rest of Eastern Asia will be cold and mostly dry. As for the Tropics, no significant rain maker here either. We are seeing some clouds across South China Sea but not expecting large rains here; maybe a stray thunderstorm or two. A weak frontal system is moving across Northern Marianas enhancing some showers in and around Guam. The shear line associated with the front is also bringing some scattered showers into Yap and Palau. Another piece of shear line exists across Central Luzon with areas around Bicol Region receiving nearly 100mm this past 24 hours. Showers here will continue although forecast models are showing the rains to slowly sag south into Visayas and eventually into Mindanao. Fortunately, most of the rains should break away so not seeing significant rainfall amounts; probably around 50mm. Temperatures, as you can see below, will cool down across Northern Luzon although that “cold spell” will not get as far south as the Visayas area. Next chance of rain for the Philippines will be this weekend as another front moves through Eastern Asia as well as a piece of energy approaches from the east.

3-Day Forecast Graphic, NOT OFFICIAL

My next update will be on February 4, Saturday. Stay Safe!

-WxCaster PAT

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