05 FEB 2012 Eastern Asia & Western Pacific Weather Update

An area of Low Pressure is developing over Eastern China today bringing wet weather to the east coast extending over Korea.  In to Monday this low will continue deepen and move East sparking rain showers across Southern Japan with even more snowfall expected to the North along Northwest Honshu where record breaking snow packs are currently being reported as the ocean effect snow machine continues to dominate the weather pattern. (See our explanation update from December on how this weather pattern occurs. )  With the oncoming low to Japan expect a surge of warm air across the Western Pacific ahead of the cold front possibly heating up some areas to near record breaking warmth. Although by Wednesday a dramatic reversal will take place as cold dry air poors in from Russia dropping temperatures to drop, in Hong Kong expect temperatures to drop to the High 40s (F) by Wednesday as the Siberian high continues to spill south.

As far as the tropics there is a cluster of convection South East of Guam, streamline indicates this should continue to move East with the trade winds possibly effecting the PI by this weekend increasing afternoon rain showers on Thursday in to Saturday. Until then though the North East Monsoon remains weak and Daily rain showers remain the dominate weather pattern in the Tropics.

As for me I’m in Hokkaido this week, volunteered at an Ice Festival Yesterday. the Picture below is a quick glimpse at that.

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