07 FEB 2012 Western Pacific & Eastern Asia Weather Update

A deep low pressure system is moving over Japan today bringing heavy snow and rain showers to most of the country through the day on Tuesday in to Wednesday Morning.  As the low continues to track East precipitation along the East Coast of Japan will taper off while an area of high pressure ridges in from the North bringing cold air to most of China and Korea.  This will also continue to bring North Westerly winds to the Western Coast of Honshu and Hokkaido through the rest of the week therefore leading to a high chance of sea effect snow.  I understand how this may sound like a broken record for the region though as several meters of snowfall have already fallen along Western Honshu this year with more expected to come as the North Westerly winds continue to run the ocean effect snow machine through the week until the next mid-latitude cyclone begins to effect the region on Sunday in to Monday. The image to the right shows what the GFS outlook is showing on Sunday Evening.

In the tropics we still are watching a cluster of convection south of Guam now.  This area has become disorganized and the regenerated several times over the past several days. Model outlooks have the area of convection track east during the week with it approaching the Philippines on Friday in to Saturday. Expect afternoon rain showers and thunderstorms to be enhanced as the positive vorticity associated with this cluster of storms approaches the islands.

Through the rest of the week though the NE monsoon remains quite with nothing more than afternoon rain showers and thunderstorms effecting most of the tropics. This is welcomed at least through the week as the PI continues to recover from the massive 6.7M earthquake that struck the region on the 6th.

If you are looking for information on the Tropics around Australia please visit our partners at 28storms.com.  Also I want to note I am still in Hokkaido therefore still no video updates at least for another week.

~Meteorologist Robert Speta

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