South East Asia Weather Update 13 February 2012

Good day everyone. It has been a while since I last posted and I would like to apologize as I am busy preparing myself for further study in a new area and so does Rob moving onto new working environment soon but nevertheless, we will still make sure that the site is “alive” always.

Overall today’s weather in the SE Asia region is fair and warm and we do expect that this scenario will further continue until the month of April as the North East Monsoon began to weaken all across the region.

As you can see here the temperature is actually cooking up with some area in the Southern Thailand and Peninsula Malaysia reaching 32 Celsius now compare to average of 27 Celsius to 29 Celsius in the previous month when the monsoonal trough is stronger. So for you people out there, please do stay alert that it will be a very dry season ahead and do consume a lot of water to avoid “heating” up.

However, over the Philippines, we are currently dealing with Invest 92W according to the JTWC and Rob has keep an update on the tropical low in his video posted earlier today.You can have his earlier update HERE. Good news is that it is not that well organized and the possibility to develop into anything is almost zero as the latest satellite imaginary on your right is showing that it has somehow weakening. The weather in most of the Philippines at press time is mostly cloudy with some coastal area expecting some light showers.

On the same time, convection activity was spotted South of Guam on the Far East of the Philippine and the GFS model is catching this up forecasting that there will be another surge of low energy moving across the PI beginning in the middle of the week (15th of February) until end of this week (18th February). Therefore we would like to advice our viewer to be alert of heaving rain or cyclone warning from the local weather agency primarily Pagasa.

Back on to the South East Asia main continent, the  fair weather should remain consistent as there is no significant tropical low forming over the area however please do expect some evening thunderstorm or isolated and scattered rain in Southern Thailand and Peninsula Malaysia as an effect of the sea breeze. Over in the Borneo Island, Brunei is forecast to have fair weather for the coming days while the states of Sabah and Sarawak should see some isolated rain in the coastal area.

And finally over the Singapore, the Singapore Weather Agency has forecast isolated evening thunderstorm and shower in the country for the coming three days with a high of 32 Celsius and a low of 25 Celsius.

We will keep update everyone with the latest information and I would most probably update 1 or 2 videos in the coming days as Rob would be away and as usual, Pat will be giving out his three day forecast over the Philippines.

Thank you and have a good day

WestPac Wx SE Asia Casters ~Francis~

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